Paula The Grief Guru

Paula The Grief Guru
Paula, Grief Guru

I am Paula The Grief Guru

Grief Guru

International Award-winning Author

Paranormal Sage

Spiritual Coach

Angel Voice Healer

I am a high ticket, high touch therapist, Angel healer and author and I work with a small number of women to be fully present for every woman on her unique journey.

NO quick fixes that don’t work.

NO plasters and fingers crossed.

I guarantee a deeply powerful programme and I believe in it so much I offer to work for FREE if after completing my 5 month programme you are not satisfied with your healing

Sound good?

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

If not now, when is the ‘right’ time?

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With over 20 years of experience working with Grief and trauma following my own ordeal, I am a qualified therapist, Grief trainer, Women’s Healing workshop facilitator, Voice, Movement & music healer and Angel Voice healer, drumming therapist, holistic therapist and more. I believe in healing the mind, body & spirit as you cannot heal one without the others; it’s like sticking a plaster on an open wound and hoping for the best.

I use all of my skills as author, Angel healer and Grief expert to combine a bespoke programme for women who are ready to come back to life following grief. Together we use:

Deeply intuitive therapies, meditations, mind taps and more that allow an honest, loving reconnection to self, a release of limiting beliefs that had never been explored before and a reconnection to self whilst allowing space to heal the wound of grief. This offers a complete cleansing within the way you think, freeing the mind and raising your vibration.

We use writing as a powerful tool offering 12 weeks of deep diving writing exercises that get down to the nitty gritty of who you really are, what you really want and how you really feel. From these intuitive responses, I can offer a tailored healing program unique to you. Once the 5 month program is finished, you will have a record of your grief journey to create a book for personal reflection.

Together we look at your body and how you hold your wounds within its energy field and find ways that release stagnant energies that hinder your recovery, raising your frequency in the process that attracts positive outcomes and a general feeling of uplift.

From our discussions I create bespoke meditations and deep healing sessions that works with your subconscious to heal, to lighten up and banish thoughts, feelings and actions that no longer serve you. Together we connect in with your angels who offer guidance, healing and support and provide signposts to your recovery and all that you need for your life journey.

My 5 month programme – Embrace Life after Grief & be the Author of your own Healing.

It can be broken into two parts if preferred –

10 weeks for the deeply intuitive, transformative therapies that use a variety of modalities to offer creative, mind shifting tools that begin the healing process


12 weeks to access the powerfully creative and mind shifting writing, meditations that allow reconnection to yourself and dive into hidden stories within your subconscious mind and therapy that offers deep healing to your core and begin to shine from within are what you need.

Personally, I can’t say what you need until we’ve had a call and I hear your life story to determine what would be best, but whatever happens, I guarantee a shift in your mind, body and spirit that I believe in so much that if you are not satisfied, I will work with you for free until you are.

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We all experience grief at some time in our life and every time we do, we will experience it differently. The sad fact is, society doesn’t speak about death and grief, so ‘grief guidelines’ appear that are taken as truth which causes many problems with comparing reactions, expectations differ, unexpected emotions and behaviours because people are afraid of what they are experiencing.



  • You cannot process the array of negative emotions that run full pelt through your head, ruining sleep, making every day a chore and impossible to consider finding the energy to work through your grief
  • You know you need help but this requires more than counselling and you don’t know where to turn as ‘counselling’ doesn’t get to the very core of your inner stories.
  • You don’t know who you are or how to operate in this world without your loved one but you’re ready to take small healing steps.
  • You know you are powerful inside, despite the darkness, but you thought you would be further on your healing journey than you are and the pain is still overwhelming at times
  • Part of you knows there is life after grief but you haven’t been ready to open to that possibility until now
  • You feel so disconnected from life, yourself and the universe that you feel that you’ve been forgotten by Angels and loving energies and you want to find the light, your higher vibration and attract positive energy instead of negative..

then this programme is for you.

Ready to come back to life with my specific help and support healing the mind, body & spirit?



This is my personal page on Facebook From there I can invite you into my private page for free video’s, content, free gifts and more 🙂

This private group on Facebook is for women who are ready to find their light again and come back to life after experiencing any trauma; be it a death, survived an illness, a divorce or separation, the death of a fur baby, the loss of a possession, anything that brought the agony of grief.

Are you questioning life and how to live in it?

Are you wondering who you REALLY are and how to find yourself again?

Are you ready to let go of those limiting beliefs and stories that hinder you from raising your vibration, speaking your truth and shining your light on this world?

Look me up on Facebook here and trust you were meant to see this page.


“I never thought I’d smile ever again…But working with Paula made me feel whole again and build my world around my pain. She showed me that smiling and having a laugh was ok; finding joy in life was ok and releasing the guilt I felt.” PW

Jump on a free call now if you’re ready.


Imagine This…

  • Giving yourself complete permission to heal, take progressive steps to the next chapter of your life while honouring your memories and your loved one
  • Restful sleep returning, and having unstoppable energy for doing what you LOVE
  • Enjoying socialising without feeling guilty, be your own best friend and learning to have fun again
  • Embracing your emotions, accepting them & healing them & discovering parts of yourself you didn’t know you had before with LOVE
  • A clear mind, better memory and your organisational skills returning so you get your shit together and get your life back
  • Tapping into new levels of self expression and creativity and becoming the writer of your own grief journey; allowing your innate writing skills to be developed
  • A renewed and loving connection to the universal love that is always available to heal and guide you


Say Goodbye to…

  • the pain of grief
  • Feeling lost and without an identity
  • Sleepless nights
  • Hating those quiet moments alone
  • The exhaustion of hiding your feelings of anger, frustration and loneliness
  • Pretending everything is okay when it obviously isn’t.
  • Judging yourself harshly if you have a good time or dare to forget
  • Being frozen in time, not knowing what to do next and remaining stuck
  • Beating yourself up for how you feel or what you can and can’t do
  • Blocking emotions, creativity and expression, putting a full stop on your healing progress
  • Feeling so low and deeply sorrowful that you can’t see the next chapters
  • Unhelpful stories in your mind that keep you from expressing your truth

If you are ready, jump on a free call with me here and let’s begin your amazing transformation…


“I was broken. I saw no end to my pain and I just wanted to hide away. Paula was patient, kind and supportive on every level. She let me cry my heart out and I never felt judged or embarrassed which was part of my issue. I would highly recommend her. JM”

” Paula was better than I expected. I must admit I didn’t have much faith in counselling after my last therapist was awful! Paula is different. She’s been in the depths of hell and clawed her way out. Her empathy and kindness and openness is what drew me to her and I’m glad I took the risk. I never thought I’d live a decent life after losing my husband, I was so angry and hurt, but she helped me release it all in a good way and now I see light at the end of that dark tunnel and my friends are happy to see and support me as I get on with living.” AT

Be kind to yourself.

You are enough.

With so much Love, Paula J Roscoe x

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