Release Anger, Sleep Deeply & Smile from your Heart, so You feel Alive Again

 “Release Anger, Sleep Deeply & Smile from the Heart Again.”

An Online Workshop to download.

I am offering this Powerful Transformative Healing package that you do in your own time (though I recommend over 3 days) for a LOW price of just £99

But during July 2nd – 8th – it is Half price

So, what do you get?

  1. This 3 part workshop offers 2 1/2 hours of video’s to talk you through the process of:
  • Transforming your anger and releasing that exhausting and heavy energy so you’re no longer feeling exhausted.
  • Making space within yourself for peace and love, forgiveness and a sense of calm because you’re no longer holding onto anger, frustration.
  • Allowing all that stress and tension to lift from your shoulders and back so you feel lighter, happier and ready to face your day.
  • Letting go of unspoken words you wished you’d said to your loved ones so they no longer hold you down and restrain you from living the life you want to live.
  1. As a bonus, you receive access to my Jiggle & Wiggle exercise that removes stagnant energies from your aura and uplifts and energies you, ready for the day ahead. (worth $11)
  2. You also receive a beautiful guided meditation titled, YOU, so that you can reconnect with yourself during times of grief and trauma, or every day. (worth $11)
  3. A PDF booklet is also available for you that offers guidance and healing. (worth $11)

Finding calm releaing anger button

An Offer NOT to be missed if You’re ready to Embrace the life you want…

Say goodbye to everything that is holding you down and keeping you from enjoying life completely.

Finding Calm can be difficult when grieving or surviving trauma, but it is vital for you and the wellness of your mind, body and spirit. I am offering this powerful deep healing online workshop that has had clients shocked to how much it has transformed their grief journey.

I can’t believe how different I feel…”

“I can’t stop smiling! And I slept for 10 hours…”

“That was f**king amazing!! Can we do it again?!”


Madness right!

You will never experience anything like this workshop.  I guarantee you will feel:

  • Absolutely Amazing after it.
  • You will embrace the day instead of dreading it
  • You will feel lighter, more energised and better able to function
  • You will sleep easier and feel more rested
  • You won’t be holding onto old anger and old wounds so you’ll feel like a new person
  • You will feel a new and deeper love for yourself and those who died.
  • You will feel ready to come back to life and live it completely


So grab this offer now if you’re ready to feel calm, free of stress and tension, free from long held anger and feeling lighter and happy and AMAZING as you let go of all the negative emotions that continue to hold you down.

With Love


PS – if this isn’t right for you, get details of my Free Healing Package here


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