Angel’s Loving Healing for You

The Angels & your spirit guides are always guarding, guiding & protecting you. They want you to be happy, a smile, travels far. 🙂


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2024 Angel’s Loving Message to You

2024 in numerology is 8, a significant number and the number of change, abundance, infinite wisdom, a new learning, constant and never ending love, among others, but these are what your Angels will help you focus on.

Change is coming. Awakening all over the world is happening and transitioning is becoming.

Energies are evolving as many awaken to the lost realities of life, history and present day mind. It can be quite a shock for many as truths long hidden become unveiled, so kindness and compassion is key to bringing these souls into alignment with the energies that already woke up long ago. Judgement has no place in this new world, neither does ego, pride and hatred and those lower energies will disappear and become irrelevant to future happiness and joy.

The female energies came into power a few years ago to bring back balance and healing to this world of greed and suffering; hence the reasons you see the backlash of lower energies attempting to regain a power they can no longer possess. They cannot touch it, yet they will continue to try. It is for all to remain in your own power, your own high energies with love, light, compassion and kindness and trust your own abilities to heal this world.

Angels will never tell you your future. They guide and support you as they remember what it is you wanted to learn in this lifetime. They do not judge, or belittle you for the decisions You make. You are growing, like a tree. It flourishes and it remains still and rests, as will you in your lifetime, as you learn and move forward on your path.

Look at each card and choose the one that calls to you. Take your time. Breathe deeply and listen. If more than one speaks to you, then trust that instinct. Today the Angels told me to place specific crystals under each card. There will be a reason. Learn about that crystal and trust it is for you.

Angel Cards for you to choose

Is it Left, Middle or Right that you are drawn to? Listen to your instincts. If more than one, trust that is ok?


Your Angel Cards


Sometimes when we SEE the cards, we might feel disappointed that we didn’t choose a particular card – and that is normal. However, that message wouldn’t be right for you at this moment, so trust what you chose is what you need to hear right now, this moment and work with that.


Mother Mary

Citrine Crystal

I am here to help women become women of power and raise themselves to own their energy. I am here with love and motherly affection, but it is by working with me that you can become empowered to drive forward on your mission to stand in your mother power, your daughter power, your sister power, your grandmother power, YOUR woman power and defy all who dare to question such beauty and strength, courage and perfection. You, as a pure, loving, beautiful woman can do anything you put your mind and energy into, but you are holding yourself back. Why? Judgement from others? Fear? You can now rise like the phoenix and use those flames to burn away all that no longer supports you. NOW is your time as woman, to shine and show the world what a real woman truly IS and what she can REALLY do.

But that is also to say that an empowered woman can still be gentle, kind, loving and motherly to herself and to those who love you. Do not lose sight of this feminine energy, but remember just how powerful this energy can be when needed.

With love




Carnelian Crystal

It feels as if life has lots its enchantment, its excitement, its wonder, its secrets seems lost to you and its causing an unbalance within your energy and life. Here’s the thing – it never went away, you lost the will to connect into it. It is always there, waiting, so what is stopping you?

Life does NOT have to be complicated, so why make it so? Finding the love of life again can be as easy as enjoying a flower, enjoying the sun, enjoying a friends company, the love of laughter, a smile to a stranger, paying it forward with a cup of coffee. Loving life and tapping into the enchantment of it is kindness to self and others.

Magic is all around you, so go and look with childlike eyes and wonder. Step up close to a flower, see the petals, take photographs of your world and step into the wonder and magic all around you. See the world with fresh eyes and you will be amazed at how your outlook changes as miracles happen once you begin to raise your vibration and realise your worth.

YOU ARE THE MAGIC so live it completely and be enchanted with yourself

With Love




Celestite Crystal

You already know what you want to do, so go and do it! The ONLY thing stopping you, is you. You already know in your soul and in your heart. The words keep ringing around and around. We keep showing you signs. We keep showing up and offer healing and try to help you focus…Yet you still question.

We ask you now to take this card as another sign to make that move, do what it is in your heart to do and live life completely. Stop dawdling. Stop procrastinating. Stop talking yourself out of it. Doubt gets you nowhere. Fear gets you nowhere. So tap into the strength and courage you already have. Even small steps make a big difference, because once you do, you are telling the universe that you are ready and willing and here you are…

Go, be free, live life and keep listening to your soul

With Love


With Love, Paula xxx


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