Angel’s Healing Cards for You

On this page I offer you monthly Angel Healing Cards.

The Angels & your spirit guides are always guarding, guiding & protecting you. They want you to be happy, a smile, travels far. 🙂


For a face to face (Online) Angel Card Reading £100

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Angel card Readings can be recorded for you as MP3 and sent to your email if preferred. Contact and pay through PayPal via to book your personal recording. Energy exchange:

Full Reading = £85

3 Card Reading = £45


2024 Angel’s Loving Message to You

2024 in numerology is 8, a significant number and the number of change, abundance, infinite wisdom, a new learning, constant and never ending love, among others, but these are what your Angels will help you focus on.

Change is coming. Awakening all over the world is happening and transitioning is becoming.

Energies are evolving as many awaken to the lost realities of life, history and present day mind. It can be quite a shock for many as truths long hidden become unveiled, so kindness and compassion is key to bringing these souls into alignment with the energies that already woke up long ago. Judgement has no place in this new world, neither does ego, pride and hatred and those lower energies will disappear and become irrelevant to future happiness and joy.

The female energies came into power a few years ago to bring back balance and healing to this world of greed and suffering; hence the reasons you see the backlash of lower energies attempting to regain a power they can no longer possess. They cannot touch it, yet they will continue to try. It is for all to remain in your own power, your own high energies with love, light, compassion and kindness and trust your own abilities to heal this world.

Angels will never tell you your future. They guide and support you as they remember what it is you wanted to learn in this lifetime. They do not judge, or belittle you for the decisions You make. You are growing, like a tree. It flourishes and it remains still and rests, as will you in your lifetime, as you learn and move forward on your path.

Look at each card and choose the one that calls to you. Take your time. Breathe deeply and listen. If more than one speaks to you, then trust that instinct. Today the Angels told me to place specific crystals under each card. There will be a reason. Learn about that crystal and trust it is for you.

Angel Cards for you

Is it Left, Middle or Right that you are drawn to?

Listen to your instincts. If more than one, trust that is ok?


Your Angel Cards


Sometimes when we SEE the cards, we might feel disappointed that we didn’t choose a particular card – and that is normal. However, that message wouldn’t be right for you at this moment, so trust what you chose is what you need to hear right now, this moment and work with that.



Learn Something New

It is time for you to begin that new project, take that new path that you have been putting off, procrastinating about and generally allowing fear to dictate your life. Please take this as your sign to get on with it and just jump in. Taking risks can be terrifying, but if you do nothing, then nothing changes and you remain here, where you are, stuck, unhappy and empty because you know you’re not quite fulfilling all your potential and in life, there is so much more.

Learning, is growing and within you lies the amazing ability to become everything you ever dreamed, but it has to begin somewhere – small steps and no skipping! You can’t always become everything if you jump over certain steps, vital steps that will help and support you on your journey. Learn – gain experience – become.

With so much love x





It is time for you to listen to that inner voice that has been niggling within you but you’ve not listened and then wondered why nothing has changed! It is vital now to listen and know that when you speak your truth, you are being listened to by your Angels. Tell them everything, don’t hold back, they can take it and trust that you want and need is being taken care of. It may not happen exactly as you wish, but the more specific you can be, the easier it can become. Although, sometimes we have to offload and trust the Angels and the Universe to bring us what we need in perfect timing and in the right way that will raise us beyond anything we had hoped for.

You see, the Angels know that you have limitations! The universe does not, so go nuts! Think big. Be big and go for it. Open up and speak your truth as you would to your bestest friend and know you are being heard. When you let go, you are no longer holding on and this allows your energies to soar and be healed.

With so much Love x




Light and Love

You are Loved, and you are loving. This is your positive affirmation to speak every day to realise your worth. You have so much light within you, but you keep yourself small and you limit your potential by listening to other voices. Once you realise your self worth and begin self love, you will be blown away by the changes that will happen in your world.

If you have been considering some kind of healing work, begin to take those steps to achieving this now. Someone close can help guide you, but this is a path that is personal, do not allow others to sway you or direct you too much. Listen to your instincts and trust you know the answers already, you just need a little encouragement.

With so much Love x


Paula Grief Guru


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