Stress is a Catastrophe! Here’s 4 ways to help with that

In April it was ‘Stress Awareness Week’ whatever the hell that means!?

Stress! Who needs it or wants it? We want relaxed, happy days filled with stress-free, fun moments that flow and elevate our soul.

I’m not one to allocate days or weeks to specific issues, I prefer to deal with those issues EVERY day if necessary. I don’t do ‘Mothers Day’ or stuff like that either for the same reasons – Love is EVERY day! I am a Mother, EVERY day. I don’t need a specific day for it. I don’t need a man-made day to ‘celebrate’ it.  I have my self worth every day, so I don’t need someone else to verify me with bought goods that just make big supermarkets richer and consumers stressed!

This ‘Stress week’ came about in 1992 because someone decided we needed a week to shout about ‘stress’, but the thing is, once it’s done, who remembers…Except those with stress? And frankly, I’d never heard of it until this week – in May!!! Unless you’re looking for it, you have stress, you’re told about it, or like me, you came across an old magazine shouting about it; would you know it even existed? Would you know it was a thing?

I know personally that I wouldn’t keep it in my memory because it means nothing to me. Same as ‘various illness awareness days’ or ‘memorial service days’ or any military days actually because I don’t believe in young people fighting and dying a rich man’s war for oil and control and their own power and ego.

This ‘stress week’ came about because apparently, in the 90’s we had a ‘stress epidemic’…Did we? Was the 90’s ANY different than the years since or before? Stress is constant if you allow it, but who is measuring our ‘stress’ levels to want to create a ‘week’ for it?

I was in my early 20’s and I endured abuse, survived an attack on my life, got married to the man of my dreams, our son, Jac died in 1997 – that was particularly stressful, and my daughter with special needs was born in 1998 and that created a different kind of stress I never thought possible; but would having a ‘week about it’ be useful?

NO! Not really! I was busy…living life, dealing with my grief and getting used to a different kind of life. What would have been useful, is if I’d have learned ways to deal with stress and tension, earlier in my life.

So how about you learn to combat stress EVERY day and not wait for April to come back around?

Sound like a plan?

Okay, did you stress while you read the above? Hands up!

If you did, ask yourself why?

What is stressing you out right now?

Can you control it?

What needs to happen to make your life easier, happier and stress free?


Here’s a few things to consider:

Are you looking after yourself or putting yourself second? Third? At all? You see, by taking care of yourself and doing things that you enjoy, and making sure you’re eating healthily, sleeping well, exercising (You know, all the boring things!!) then you can function better and able to make those decisions easier. Make time for you. What do you enjoy? What makes you laugh? Laughter is a fabulous way to = de-stress.

Take a break from the news (Media lies anyway), reading newspapers (owned by the billionaires who want to keep you stressed) and social media that is negative. These only bring your energy down, you don’t need that. The trauma these bring is pointless.

I personally have not watched or read so called ‘news’ for almost 15 years and I am still going strong and am extremely happy! I learned to switch off from their BS and did my own research into certain topics that they continue to use against the population to scaremonger and control, create stress and negative emotions. My life didn’t change four years ago when they implemented a certain experiment and I remained free and perfectly healthy because my body didn’t need to release toxins caused by the fear and stress = no stress.

Excessive alcohol and tobacco is a no brainer. We all know these drugs are lethal to our mind and body, though they give us a buzz initially, long term, they take their toll. Now, I know for some the very thought of not smoking or having a weekly drink is stressful (I hear you!) I don’t drink during the week, but enjoy a few pints on a Saturday. I used to smoke but gave up as soon as I knew I was pregnant. Drinking small amounts, cutting out a few cigarettes a day, rolling your own or vaping, giving yourself some dry days or drinking non-alcoholic in-between the alcohol will all help = reduce stress on your body.

Talk to Other people – remember, a problem shared, is a problem halved…apparently? Well, I disagree to a point. The problem isn’t halved, but it is out in the open so you can begin to work on it with a friend, parent or therapist. Once you begin to face it, work on it, heal it = reduces stress

Hoping this helped. You don’t have to take any of it, or just pick one and see how your stress levels go down.

If you need me, I’m here for you. If you want a free 30 min chat on what I could help you with then go to my Calendly link found HERE and book on.

Stay free, stay loving and be YOU, because nobody else can be.

With Love

Paula J Roscoe


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